UCWeb, the makers of UC Browser, have launched a new memory booster app for Android, the UC Cleaner. The new app from UCWeb is now available to download fromGoogle Play for free and takes less than 1.5MB of storage on the device.Announcing the release, the company in a press statement claimed that the UC Cleaner app was added by half a million monthly active users in its beta-test period. The UC Cleaner app is compatible with Android 2.2 Froyo and above.

The UC Cleaner app, much like other memory booster apps for Android, can free up memory (RAM) and closes apps that run in the background. The app also comes with Smart Optimiser feature that analyses and cleans junk files that take up inbuilt storage space, and includes an App Manager that manages and analyses battery, data and storage usage.

Commenting on the launch, James Wong, Product Manager, UC Cleaner said, “As smartphones become ubiquitous, we are highly dependent on cleaner apps to manage usage. However, many Android cleaner apps themselves are large in size and resource-intensive, which is contrary to their original intention. UC Cleaner is compact in size but does not compromise on functionality. With UC Cleaner, we’re taking a new approach to boosting performance while minimizing extra burden on the system.”

Last month, UC Browser was alleged to have leak mobile numbers and other personal details of users. A Canadian technology research group, Citizen Lab, had claimed that the browser was leaking sensitive user data. Reports had suggested that the Chinese and English-language versions of UC Browser made available to third partiespersonally identifiable information like location, search details and mobile subscriber and device numbers. A spokesman for Alibaba, the company that owns UCWeb, clarified that the problems were immediately fixed and customers notified of an update to the browser after Citizen Lab brought the issues to Alibaba’s attention in April.