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There are many drugs manufacturers companies who are always coming with the new and improved form of drugs in the market. The drugs are meant for people benefits and enhance the health and fitness of the human. Not only health but some drugs are also meant for the purpose to develop the human body such drugs are known as steroids or body supplement dosages. In a chemical way, it defines as any natural or synthetic chemical which contains 14 carbon 4 rings. In general sense, it defines as the steroids which help in muscles growth and enhance the workout program. The steroids dosage differ from each other depending on the nature of procurement whether it is demanded to enhance the steroids cycle or building more muscle. There are a number of pharmaceutical companies who are manufacturing steroids for the human body but the consumption of such needs guidelines which are directed by the experts or doctors. There are countries who have said that the use of such drugs is illegal and need to controlled, hence on the basis of that have released the list of controlled drugs in their territory.

The time had past when people used to work hard for each and everything whether it is on workplace or for having trimmed body. Most of the people are now having less time to give their body a special treatment for having a trimmed and weight loss body. The use of steroids considerably increasing day as a result of which the popularity of high dosages of bodybuilding supplements has also increased. The craze of having a perfect toned and muscular body have also been in some professional too like bodybuilders, athletes, or in any person’s who any other sportsperson. The steroids can be obtained through tablets or can be directly injected into the human body.

As earlier we said that the dosages are different but the effect is same, however, the higher dosages may fasten the muscles growth but it can have some serious side effects on human body mainly in women it increase the level of testosterone in the body and lead to the growth of facial hair or any man related issue. Thus, there are many countries like Australia have tightened the law subject to sale of steroids where small minor boys also started to consume while led the government to control and prohibit the sale of steroids until and unless the person provides prescription the chemist shop should not give anybody supplement dosages or medicines. The list of controlled drugs which are controlled in Australia are as follows:

  • Anadrol
  • Oxandrin
  • Dianabol
  • Winstrol
  • Deca-Durabolin
  • Equipoise

The above-mentioned steroids are available online but there also the clients need to submit the prescription soft copy and then only they can avail the tablets. The steroids have some acute impact on the body such as increase the level of testosterone, can affect lungs, decrease in sex hormone and other miscellaneous effects which are unusual Vomiting, unusual bleeding in women etc. Hence, it is recommended that before consuming it one must consult a doctor or expert and desire amount of dosages to have in a day so that one can avoid the side effects.