We all want to stay ahead of cyber criminals and know the different malware they are using; different scams and tactics they are implementing, well in time to secure ourselves. Also, it doesn’t hurt to know the technologies being developed to counter cyber attacks, does it? But nobody has the time to go through newspapers and blog articles each day; search through millions of stories published and try to the find the most relevant and informative article. To rescue you out of this, the Cyware app was developed. This app, powered by IBM Watson, actually searches the internet every hour to find articles related to cyber news and picks the best ones. Then, the app created summarized versions by retaining only useful information, so that users get maximum knowledge and information in a short span of time. The Cyware app is available in both Google Play and App Store, to facilitate timely consumption of news.

These days, a lot of new scams are coming into the market and cyber criminals are using various tactics to dupe innocent internet users. For example: Vishing. Here, hackers obtain phone numbers, names, and other such details through a quick online search or via social media. They then call the victims, introduce themselves as bank officials or government employees and ask for bank account details like passwords, PIN number etc. The fraudsters implement such social engineering techniques, and scare, threaten or manipulate victims into revealing their personal information. Once they get such information, criminals use it to transfer money into their accounts. A lot of such incidents happened across the world and users continued to fall victims, as they did not have any idea that this is a scam. Imagine having an app like Cyware which would have warned the users before hand; then most of such incidents could have been stopped. There are a lot of such examples which prove that timely awareness can avoid a lot of cyber attacks.

Cyware app is not just for cyber security professionals or experts; it is for everybody. If you are a general internet user who uses internet only to go online on social media, or do shopping; this is for you. Each individual person has different needs with Cyware, and to facilitate this; the app categorizes news cards and separates them for professionals and general users. The purpose of entire exercise is to generate cyber awareness among the users by providing timely feed and keeping them a step ahead of state and non-state threat actors.