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Whether you are a business looking to have more of a social media presence or an individual who simply wants to be a little bit more popular online, there are many things which you can do in order to gain a higher following on social media and today we are going to run through a quick list of how to do it.

Many of these techniques and methods can be done with absolute ease and don’t require any particular skill or training, gaining more social media followers is all about how you approach it.

Buy Followers

The quickest and easiest method of gaining more followers is to simply buy them. Whatever the social channel it is that you are using, there are many services which offer you the chance to buy Instagram followers, Facebook likes, Twitter fans and everything in between. Quick and easy but it will cost you.

Be Responsive

Nobody likes a social media page which is one dimensional and they want to know that the person behind it is willing to respond to comments and questions before they begin to follow. If you receive anything on your posts or private messages then try to be quick with your response.

Use Influential Pages

If you can strike a bond with another page which is within your niche then you can create a relationship which sees you share each other’s posts and gets them out to a wider audience, thus gaining you new followers.

Target and follow Others

You’ll be surprised at just how many people follow you back when you follow them and this is the kind of thing which your should be doing across all social media channels. There are sometimes limits on the amount of people who you can follow on the various channels so you will need to review those who haven’t followed back, unfollow and then start the process again.


It is important that you post regularly  so that you can best reach the audience which you desire. Social media can move at the speed of light and your posts can easily get lost in news feeds, in order to reach as many people as possible, post regular articles, pictures and videos which people can then share and gain you a wider following.

Use Hashtags

Many people think that hashtags are no longer relevant but this could not be further from the truth and they are a great way of amassing more followers. There are sites online which will tell you how popular a particular hashtag is and you can then add it to your post to maximize your exposure. More and more people are using social media like search engines and the hashtag system is one way of finding new content on a particular topic. If you are smart then you can be the page that they find when they are searching.