Google released an update to its Maps app for Android last week that added thumbnail previews of a location in Street View. Now, Google Maps for Android has received another update, adding few more features such as a new navigation UI for users. Additionally, Google has started rolling out Google+ Collections, which was already available on Android and on Web, for users on iOS.

The new Google Maps for Android update (see above screenshot) can be expected to start rolling out in few days; those users who cannot wait for the update can download and sideload the Google-signed apk file. The new Maps update bumps the version to 9.14 and can be expected to hit Google Play India in the coming days. First reported by Android Police, the new Maps update primarily focuses on improving the overall navigation.

The Google Maps for Android navigation has received new interface for settings (above image: left shows old interface and right shows new) and now the thumbnail view while navigation search has been replaced with a bigger image showing the routes. With the new update, the maps on the navigation page can be scrolled and zoomed which was notably not possibly in the earlier thumbnail view. The selection for mode of transport has been shifted slightly below the start and destination fields.

The new update also brings a more details on the route page which can be accessed by the user. The details about possible slowdown on the route have also received slight improvement and now show more information than earlier version. The toggles for car, public transport, walk, and cycling modes now show more informative cards which can be dragged to offer more information.

The option to pick routes by touch is now shown with estimated ETA including details about possible slowdowns or road blocks. When visiting a new place or restaurant, we are usually unaware about how busy is the place during the day. With the update, Google Maps will now offer a chart for businesses showing details about how busy the place is during each hour of the day, a feature announced late last month.

In other news, the Pinterest-like ‘Collections’ feature for Google+ users on Android and the Web was released in May, and was promised to arrive soon on iOS. The feature has been release for iOS users. The Collections feature for Google+ allows users to create specific posts centred around topics and comprising videos, photos, and more.