After the fiasco of last year, you’ve made a vow to yourself that you’ll never buy a lame gift again. Now lame is a pretty subject label that can mean plenty of different things to many different people. In your case, the people on your list know what it means because they were on the receiving end of these lame gifts. Novelty socks, underwear, a solar powered corkscrew – you name it, you’ve made the bad choice of giving it to someone. But not this year!


This year, you’re going to get the best gift for everyone on your list and in doing so get rid of your title as “worst gift-giver ever”. But in order for someone else to take that award for once, you have to find a gift that’s equal measures practical and cool. While you can waste hours of your time in the mall, battling out your fellow shoppers, there’s a much easier path towards your goal. You can go online and purchase a vinyl skin (or two) for everyone your list.

No, this isn’t a body suit that you’ll have to get tailored. It’s a second skin for the smartphones, gaming systems, and laptops of your loved ones. Fitted for the exact make and model of phone or gaming system, these skins sit flush against the body of the device and protect it from the elements. Every curve, corner, bezel, and button is accounted for, so that the device receives unparalleled coverage. It does all of this without adding any additional weight or height to these devices, as the vinyl is relatively small in comparison to its strength.

Applied much like a sticker, they’re easy to add and remove which means you can stock up on a couple of different styles for that extra special person on your list. That’s because skins don’t just come in a basic colour or texture. If you go online to a popular retailer like dbrand, you can find a variety of colours and textures to play with. Using their build-a-skin feature, you can mix and match until you land on the perfect design for your loved ones. Regardless of what device they own, whether it’s a Nexus 5X, an iPhone 6s, or a PS4, you’ll find a huge selection of affordable holiday gifts from dbrand. You’ll find a stylish Nexus 5X skin, iPhone 6s skin, and a PS4 skin – plus a few others – with no problem at all!

Say goodbye to lame presents and say hello to something that’s practical, cool, and – definitely not least – affordable. You can easily pick up a few of these devices without blowing your holiday budget. So head online and start your search now, and get ready to be awarded the title of “best gift-giver ever”.