Spying technology was once an infant, barely able to take a step on its own. This infant certainly has grown into a very able adult, flaunting capabilities that have left us flabbergasted. What was once a simple spying app has now taken the form of a must-have tool, not only for employers but also for parents. However, all this did not happen overnight. The introduction of new features has added to their power and effectiveness. The way this Android and iPhone app has evolved over the past few years is impressive indeed. Let’s explore its journey right from the start.

False Claims Associated with Spying Technology

Most of the spy app developers use to make false claims about their apps to attract people. Even today, some people have this misconception that remote installation is possible, whereas the fact of the matter is that this feature is still missing in spy apps despite all the advancements in the area. This is a cheap marketing tactic used by the app developers to create hype and increase downloads of their product. Some spy apps are also found to have malicious software in them, yet another underhand tactic used by the hackers to exploit unsuspecting users. The truth is that although these apps are getting better with the time, they still need a lot of improvement. Currently, there are a limited number of genuine spy apps that do what they claim they can do, and even then not all of them are completely safe to use.

Spying Technology is Reaching New Horizons

Spying apps have taken the form of an industrial weapon used by different organizations to compete in the market by keeping tabs on their employees’ emails, Skype and WhatsApp logs, text messages, call details, and much more. Rather surprisingly, some of the latest solutions circulating online can even pick data off non-jailbroken iOS devices, something that surely would be making Apple lose its sleep as its walled-garden clearly doesn’t have thick enough walls. Until recently, employers relied on GPS to track their mobile workforce. Nowadays, spy apps can track location even if the GPS is disabled. This is achieved by picking signals from Wi-Fi or mobile towers. Such advancement in features has also led to an increase in business profits, decrease in expenses, and much more. It is also the best thing that happened to parents as it helps them in keeping their kids safe without getting the title of helicopter parents as they can keep an eye on their online behavior remotely. Thanks to the brilliant and creative minds of app developers, what seemed impossible once is possible today. Spy apps have overcome many of their traditional limitations, taking spying to a whole new level.

Going Forward

Spying technology mostly faces criticism as people consider it unethical, unprofessional, and insensitive to spy on others, but the truth is somewhat different. Spying technology is neither good nor bad, it’s how you use it. We cannot deny the fact that it has saved companies millions of dollars by identifying the cheating employees, saved marriages, and most importantly, given parents the peace of mind by keeping them more involved in their kids’ life. Pointing fingers on this revolutionary technology and the people using it is not the solution. All of us have to think how we can utilize this technology in such a way that it yields benefit without harming or hurting anyone.