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BlackBerry has a brand new bag; it’s getting in to the motorbike game. 

Gone are the days when corporate bigwigs would be crammed into boardrooms hammering out messages on their tiny QWERTY keyboards.

The humble BlackBerry died a death, overtaken by the sleek functionality of all touchscreen phones. And while there will be pangs of nostalgia for the age-old device (mainly from those same corporate bigwigs) most people would agree the keyless world is a better world.

BlackBerry was ultimately licensed to Chinese firm TCL after a few feeble attempts at cobbling together Android’s touchscreen operating system with a proper keyboard. And its TCL isn’t letting the storied brand go without a fight.

It’s trying something new, as evident by its latest product offering: a motorbike.

BlackBerry has partnered up with Damon Motorcycles upcoming bike to create the CoPilot warning system. The big is due to be unveiled at CES (aka the world’s biggest electronics expo) in Las Vegas tomorrow.

The bike – the Hypersport Pro – will debut with BlackBerry QNX technology, and unveiled at the brand’s stand at CES. Visitors will be able to check out the bike in all its glory, then test it out on virtual roads.

According to BlackBerry, its CoPilot warning system keeps riders safe by using a combination of sensors, radars, and cameras to understand the movement of the bike and other road-goers. Thanks to this technology and a space-aged collision warning system, this flagship model “will be the safest and most advanced electronic motorcycle on the market”.

Reservations for the limited edition Hypersport begin tomorrow, but there’s still no word on price or performance specifications.