Image result for BlackBerry Cylance integrates with SafeBreachExpanding the reach of Cylance, BlackBerry today announced integration with SafeBreach, which will help organizations automate the process of identifying, analyzing and prioritizing security gaps within enterprise endpoints by simulating attacks in controlled environments.

“SafeBreach is on a mission to help educate customers about how hackers operate and how they can use this knowledge to better protect themselves,” said Itzik Kotler, Chief Technology Officer at SafeBreach. “Together with BlackBerry Cylance, we can help our customers increase their resilience from attacks and minimize business risk.”

“Many companies claim their security products use artificial intelligence (AI) but offer few details on how it benefits their customers,” said Daniel Doimo, President at BlackBerry Cylance. “This joint solution helps our customers understand the before and after of deploying BlackBerry Cylance’s AI-powered security solutions by simulating attacks, which generate data-driven results.”

The joint solution is available now and has already collected praise from Yaron Levi, Chief Information Security Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City.

The integration between Cylance and SafeBreach helps us automatically and quickly identify attacks which are detected and should be blocked by BlackBerry Cylance. The road to improving our security configuration and reducing risk has just become much shorter.

BlackBerry has been steadily introducing new integrations for Cylance. Most recently unveiling BlackBerry Cylance artificial intelligence with BlackBerry QNX technologies at CES 2020 and earlier announcing integration with Chronicle Backstory.