If you are a newbie on any rummy gaming app, you may have countless questions that pop up in your mind. There are some questions that you should surely ask to be better at online rummy gaming. Here we have shared a list of 8 questions that you should ask when you start rummy gaming on any prominent rummy gaming app like Khelplay Rummy app:

What is the rummy terminology used in this rummy gaming app?

Indian rummy card games are popular in different parts of India. However, the rules and the terminology may vary slightly. That is why it is important to understand the rummy terminology used in each rummy gaming app before you start using it on a regular basis. This will prevent you from losing a game because of lack of knowledge. That is why it is important to grasp what each term used in rummy card games actually implies. Khelplay Rummy has made this easy for the players by choosing rummy terminology that is most familiar to the users. Here is a gist of the rummy terminology used on the Khelplay Rummy app:

Sequence: A sequence in rummy card games is the arrangement of cards of the same sign in ascending or descending order of their values. There are different types of sequences in rummy card games based on how they are made. A sequence made without the use of jokers is referred to as a Pure Sequence (Natural Sequence). A sequence that may use jokers for completion is referred to as Real Sequence (Artificial Sequence).

Meld: The arrangement of cards of different signs but of the same value is referred to as a meld. A meld can always use jokers for completion. A combination of A of spades, A of diamonds and A of hearts is a classic example of a meld.

Life: The minimum arrangement of cards upto which a player’s hand is regarded as a full hand is referred to as life. The rules for life differ in variations of rummy card games.

Full Hand: When the opponent completes his hand before the player completes his life, it is referred to as a full hand for the player. Maximum points are charged in case of full hand.

First Drop and Second Drop: A player may quit the game of rummy at the start if he has a very poor hand. This is referred to as first drop and nominal points are charged. First drop occurs before the first move is played by any player. When a player quits the rummy card game after the first move is played, it is referred to as second drop. The points charged for second drop are double the points charged for first drop.

Is the app safe and secure for use?

This is a very important question to ask when you are starting off on any new rummy gaming app. You need to make sure that the makers of the app have installed a software to protect the users and provide a secure gaming platform. For instance, the Khelplay Rummy app makes use of the best security software so that users do not have to worry about security while playing their favourite card game online. The Khelplay Rummy app makes use of the random number shuffling method to prevent any kind of cheating. The rummy gaming on the Khelplay Rummy app remains a fun procedure for all the rummy lovers.

Do I have a choice between cash gaming and practice gaming?

Some players prefer to play rummy just for fun. They do not enjoy any involvement of cash in the process. They think that cash gaming is not ethical. There are others who do not get the kick unless some cash is involved in the gaming process. It is thus important to know whether the rummy gaming app you choose offers you a choice between cash gaming and practice gaming. Khelplay Rummy app allows the players to choose practice chips for practice gaming and real chips for cash gaming. This ensures that all kinds of rummy lovers get to enjoy their favourite card game on this app.

How to invite friends to this rummy gaming app?

Human beings are social animals. That is why the fun is always double when enjoyed with friends. There is no exception to this rule even when it comes to rummy gaming. It is best if you find out whether the app allows you to invite friends to play too. For example, the Khelplay Rummy enables its players to invite friends to the gaming app. Each time a friend accepts your invite to Khelplay Rummy, you enjoy some referral bonus. Your friend also enjoys some welcome bonus. This makes the whole process a win-win situation for rummy gamers.

Is there just one variation of rummy on this rummy gaming app?

Playing the same type of rummy card game is boring even for the avid rummy fans. That is why it makes sense to first ask whether the online rummy gaming platform has ample choices in rummy variations. Khelplay Rummy understands the need for change in rummy players. That is why it has so many different variations of rummy listed for players. You get to choose from single round rummy card games like Points Rummy. There are several variations like 10 cards rummy game, 13 cards rummy game, 21 cards rummy game and 27 cards rummy game listed in this category. Players also get to make a choice between different series rummy card games like Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy. There are further options in these types too. You can choose 2 Deals Rummy, 3 Deals Rummy or 6 Deals Rummy based on your time and mood. You may also choose from 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. There is no chance that you will get bored on Khelplay Rummy when there are so many options awaiting you here.

How do I earn money through rummy cash gaming on this app?

It is important to ask how cash gaming works on a certain rummy gaming app. You must understand the minimum amount to be deposited inorder to start cash gaming. You also need to know how the money is withdrawn once you win it through cash gaming on the app. Khelplay Rummy has made all these points clear for its players. They just need to deposit the minimum amount after opening a cash gaming account to start playing. The money can be withdrawn into the linked bank account when the minimum threshold is crossed. The whole process is completely legal. Infact, even a TDS is deducted from the amount earned through cash gaming.

What are rummy tournaments?

There are several fun tournaments for rummy players organised on the different rummy gaming apps. It is important to understand how these rummy tournaments work. You also need to understand the different rules for rummy tournaments. On Khelplay Rummy website, you will find all the information regarding the different rummy tournament they organise. You will also find out how to join these tournaments online.

Where do I ask my doubts and queries regarding this rummy gaming app?

Even when all these questions have been answered, there is a chance that you may have more queries regarding the rummy gaming apps you use. That is why there should be a platform to address your queries. While choosing the rummy gaming app, try to find out whether the app also has such a platform. For example, the Khelplay Rummy app has an FAQ section where all the common queries of the rummy app users have been answered. If you have a new question that has not been covered in this section, you can use the chat window to pose your query. The user-friendly app will have all your queries regarding rummy card games on Khelplay Rummy answered.

It is clear why Khelplay Rummy is the sure favourite for all ardent rummy fans. Go ahead and download this app now to enjoy non-stop rummy gaming online.