World of Warcraft Player Turns Avatar Into Superman

One extremely creative World of Warcraft player, Manofsteel, turns their character into a near-flawless homage to Superman just in time for Halloween.

Gamers can say what they will about Blizzard’s World of Warcraft – and during its over decade-long reign at the top of the MMORPG heap, people certainly have – but the game has one of the most passionate playerbases ever. Whether it is the bond that many of World of Warcraft‘s earliest adopters forged while playing the game after it first released or the franchise’s unparalleled ability to create timely pop culture references, something about World of Warcraft has ignited dedication among its fans that most developers could only dream of.

Take, for instance, the inauspicious and humble beginnings of one player named Manofsteel. While grinding levels and enjoying the critically-acclaimed World of Warcraft: Legion expansion, many of Manofsteel’s fellow Alliance players likely noted his name as nothing more than a reference to DC’s Superman and the prominent role of the Warrior class in World of Warcraft as a tank in raiding. That is until this Halloween, of course, when Reddit user Arkillion spotted Manofsteel completing quests in the blue-and-red spandex that Superman has made so fashionable and famous over the years.

Of course, Manofsteel isn’t actually wearing spandex, which curiously isn’t an option for World of Warcraft players despite the fact that the game world is so complex that it can experience accurate simulations of pandemics. Instead, Manofsteel has used the game’s transmogrification feature to craft a custom-made suit of armor that accurately mimics the color scheme and overall feel of Superman’s traditional garb. Manofsteel even has the requisite red cape, in case anyone wanted to question the player’s dedication to their craft.


While it’s amusing to observe players like Manofsteel pay homage to what we can safely assume is one of their favorite superheroes, Manofsteel’s carefully-constructed costume is also an example of the very serious dedication that underscores most of World of Warcraft‘s light-hearted fun. Fans of the game truly believe they are playing one of the best video games ever created, an outlook that boosted World of Warcraft: Legion‘s sales to a staggering amount at launch despite the fact many critics believed the franchise might be slowly dying.

Instead, much to the delight of long-time World of Warcraft fans, the game is still thriving thanks to what many believe to be the strongest expansion Blizzard has released for World of Warcraft yet. Now that Manofsteel has been spotted, however, one can assume it’s only a matter of time before a user named Darkknight finds and challenges them to a PvP duel.



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