Unreleased 6-inch Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro appears once again

Towards the end of January, we caught wind of theSamsung Galaxy A9 Pro, a potentially high-end handset with a substantial 6-inch display. Given the Galaxy A9 Pro naming, it seems possible that said device will be a better edition of the Galaxy A9, but precisely what it will entail remains a mystery. More evidence has emerged of its existence, however, with the device (model SM-A9100) having shown up on import data for India.

SamMobile, the source of the original leak, noted at the time that the A9 Pro name mightn’t be a final one, and could be subject to change before the release. But if, as we suspect, it is a one-up on the current A9, there’s reason to be somewhat excited. The standard Galaxy A9 boasts a 6-inch, full-HD display packing a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels display. As such, the Pro model could go all out with a QHD resolution over a similarly-sized canvas, for the import data reaffirms the reported 6-inch panel.
Unfortunately, this latest tidbit doesn’t offer too much else to take away, aside from a unit price equivalent to $360. Since the shipment is for testing and research purposes, though, this figure may not reflect the eventual retail cost.
Unreleased 6-inch Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro appears once again
With Samsung Unpacked now penciled in for Feb. 21st and the company set to take the wraps off the flagship Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, the A9 Pro is unlikely to make too much of a jump from the A9. Moreover, since the latter is only available in China for now, there’s a pretty good chance that the Pro will do likewise.
Then again, the current A9 has barely been on the market a month, so there’s always the possibility that the A9 Pro is intended for a different market. Whatever the case, we’ll have more on this enigmatic device as it breaks, so stay tuned.
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