Twitter has introduced changes to how conversations are shown on the tweet page which might save users some time untangling the usual mess of conversation replies surrounding a tweet.Announcing the news in a blog post, Twitter said that it will group conversations together and will highlight some of the interesting exchanges surrounding a given tweet. The micro-blogging network said it believes that the new feature will make it easier to follow conversations on the tweet page.

The new feature has started rolling out to users on (desktop) from Monday, and will arrive on mobile apps in the future – though Twitter has not provided a time-frame.

twitter_new_conversation_feature.jpgTwitter has further clarified that it will filter interesting conversations based on few factors such as whether the original account has replied to the given tweet. This means that the tweets that are replies to a given tweet will be connected by a line.

Users who want see more of the replies to a given tweet within a conversation will have to click the “View other replies” button. Twitter further adds that it will be improving the feature constantly to improve the experience.

“Like with other features, we will continually be iterating and improving on this experience to make it easier to understand and participate in conversations on Twitter as well as to find the best, most relevant content we have to offer,” notesTwitter on its official blog post.

In other news, the micro-blogging website on Monday unveiled Twitter Stage, a Twitter-run account that will share the tweets people send each day. The tweets however will be about the plays, musicals, ballets, and other experiences where artists take the stage. Twitter touts that the new Twitter Stage, which essentially live-tweets from major events, is the “hottest ticket in Tweets”. The company introduced the new account during the 69th Annual Tony Awards on Monday.

Twitter’s new Twitter Stage account and the recently launched Periscope app, a live video streaming app, simply hint that the company might be looking to become a real-time event coverage social medium for the world