There are some people found who keep their photographic material as the first day, but the secret is consistency. Some tips to follow or have habits of cleanliness that you have with respect to the photographic material.

So, if it costs a little laziness and do not want to reach that point of no return when you think you have the camera with a layer of heavy soiling, take a look at the following tips.

1. Use a good bag or backpack to prevent accidents

Obviously yes, But I put the accent on the “good”. A good bag or backpack is totally necessary and when your team is increasing and wants to take a flash, a pair of goals and tripod. Make sure the pack has good cushioning, good zippers and safe closures on the straps. Perhaps the backpack runs a day on the ground but if the clamps are good and closures, idem, avoid accidents. Check out some good camera equipment here

2. But you can also use trolleys or other storage systems

If you keep part of your photographic material that you use occasionally, you should then use a more permanent type storage bag. Also, if we have to move material from one location to another, it will be more comfortable. Even many support a trolley or carry incorporated. It is a good idea to protect against humidity and shock when we move further to help keep the team organized and collected.

3. A microfiber cloth, best friend for quick cleaning

Available in supermarkets or optical although I prefer the optical, perhaps by what they are made ​​for cleaning glass. You can use a little of these cloths to keep always ready in every pocket of the backpack the screen of the camera you are using optical and in general any of the items in your backpack. Just do not save it anywhere, like your pants’ pocket.

4. Isopropyl alcohol based cleaning products all electronic devices.

At some pharmacies you can order this isopropyl alcohol which is the basis of any cleaning of optical and electronic devices. Not only for your camera or lens. 50% mixture alcohol distilled water. This amount does not take much and apply on the surface to be cleaned using a microfiber wipes commented.

5. Protect your torch flashes

One of the finest places in a flash is usually the top of the torch flash. If broadcasters do not you use some material you can use a little padding and wrap it with black electrical tape (flashes are black, right?). A few laps will be enough. The case is put some protection. If, for example, do you use softbox you like me to put on and take the flash is not uncommon touch him and protect a little black ribbon.

6. When finished, keep your equipment in a dry place

In some coastal areas the salt and moisture are two of the worst enemies of photographers so if you’re going to store your equipment in a storage system type bag, make sure it’s tight and protect against moisture. Same for a backpack or bag. It is recommended that you use moisture bags you can find in any supermarket or you could check More action camera accessories here.


A team messed ends up giving great security problems. Taking good care of our team allow us to take100% long and besides, who knows, if we need to sell tomorrow will have more courage and more confidence will see a clean target computer or on condition of pre owned another equally full of scratches right?