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Vaporizers are in style now a day. These volcano digit how to devices are amazing and useful and are being considered as a healthier option to the regular cigarettes!

So what exactly is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a portable device the function by heating dry herbs and brings them the boiling temperature and then releases vapor. A vaporizer also well known as electronic hookah doesn’t scorch or burn the herbs, hence smoke is not produced. Instead all you experience is a vapor that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that are loaded in huge amounts in the traditional cigarettes such as toluene, tar, nitrogen oxide, benzene etc.

Difference between smoke and vapor:

The smoke that is produced in regular cigarettes and traditional hookahs contains huge amounts of toxic and deadly chemicals such as tur and several poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. These toxins can also cause cancer of mouth, nose, throat, lips and stomach.

On the other hand, vapors do not contain tar or any other undesirable toxins that are fatal. In addition to that, there also don’t give an irritating smell that is usually associated with smoking. When you use vapors, you only experience good aroma.

Thus, in terms of health and an amazing smoking experience, electronic hookahs and vaporizers win over the traditional smoking methods such as cigarettes or regular hookahs. As e-hookah is free of smoke and toxins, your teeth don’t get stained too.

While there are plenty of health benefits, there are other benefits of vaporizers too. Some of them are:

No ash and easy to clean:

When you use an electronic vaporizer, you don’t need to bother about an ashtray as the vaporizer doesn’t generate ash. What is left behind is the remains of dry herbs that have lost their aroma and color. Thus using a vaporizer is much more convenient to maintain and to clean as well.

Enjoy is wherever you want to without worrying about people around you:

Vaporizer do not produce smoke, thus you don’t have to think the fact that you’re bothering people around you with the irritating stench of smoke that usually accumulates on furniture, clothes, hair and all around. As there is no smoke, you can smoke the vaporizer anywhere and anytime. Thus this makes it neighbour friendly. Thus smoking with a vaporizer is not only beneficial for you but for everyone around you as well.

Types of vaporizers:

There are different types of vaporizers and it’s essential to choose the right vaporizer that can give you the effect you need.

Some of the types are:

  • Digital vaporizer
  • Portable vaporizer
  • Herbal vaporizer
  • Tobacco vaporizer
  • Corder vaporizer and many more types.


Another benefit of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and e-hookah is that that are much cheaper that the regular cigarettes. If you have a rechargeable vaporizer you can get around 1200 puff with a single recharge and it last much longer than a cigarette. Thus vaporizers are cost efficient choice as well. Visit volcanovape.net for more knowledge and info.