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GATE or graduate aptitude test in engineering is a test to check the understanding of under graduate students in various under graduate subjects.

This helps in taking admissions in the post graduate courses from institutes like IIT, IISc, BHEL, NITs, CFITs and some other private institutes or universities which accepts the GATE score.

The GATE score is valid for three years at most and the GATE Result is considered as a parameter for recruiting under graduate students. So it is very important for candidates to score well in GATE.

The below article deals with how to get good GATE score and GATE result in details.

GATE preparation strategy

It is very important to prepare well if we you want to score well in GATE.

To prepare for GATE, you need to have a proper strategy. Candidate must be aware of the syllabus and other things which he will require to while preparing for the same.

Given below are tips on how to start with GATE preparation:

  • Candidate must be aware of GATE syllabus so that they can plan their schedule accordingly.
  • Try to make your basics strong. It helps in minimizing the time taken to solve the question.
  • Once you are done with the GATE syllabus, try to attempt as much mock test papers as you can.

GATE result

GATE results play a very important part at every time after under graduation. They are valid for a period of three years.

The scoreis taken into proper consideration at the time of admission to post graduation courses or recruitment by PSUs.

GATE results are based on normalization and calculation of score. This ensures that the abilities of candidates are judged on the same platform in all multi-session GATE papers.

GATE has its own formula for normalization of score. This equals the level of difficulty in the examination. Also it ensures that all the candidates are on the same page irrespective of the session they have appeared for in GATE.

Some important tips

To ensure a good GATE result, candidate must follow some tips while preparing for GATE.

  • More focus on the section which is more difficult.
  • Identify your strengths and especially your grey areas. It helps in deciding which question to attempt first in exam.
  • Attempt practice papers and mock tests. Try to finish them in proper time.
  • For practice papers, you can refer many resources that are available online.
  • Stronger are the concepts, lesser time you take to finish questions.

Tips for the exam day

GATE aspirant must prepare good. But along with preparing well, he must be aware of the GATE exam pattern too. It you are good at attempting exam, you can cover your loop holes of syllabus.

Given below are some tips to be kept in mind while attempting the GATEexam.

  • Just see previous year question papers once. It gives a rough idea of the exam pattern and kind of questions that might come.
  • Never stick to a question if you are unable to solve it. Leave it to attempt it at the end of exam.
  • Jump quickly to other questions.
  • Attempt those questions first at which you are good.

Do not fret if the question paper is too difficult for you. Attempt one by one.