When you have planned a nice long trip with your friends, to a destination a few hours away from the city, you wouldn’t want to be in the driver’s seat. You will be missing out on all the fun, the jokes, the banter, the scenery, the cool wind against your face, the nibbles – this list can go on. But fret not! All you have to do is install the DriveU app on your Android phone or iPhone, and none of you will be forced to worry about driving. What’s more, the driver acts in a personal capacity and will also take care of getting the petrol filled at the stops.

Your Car, Our Efforts

DriveU is a novice in the market, and yet, has a lot of surprises that are novel and hard to resist. Instead of offering you taxicab services, they offer to step in and drive your car for you. A first of its kind endeavour, DriveU is becoming steadily popular, one city at a time.

The reason for this is obvious. Driving in serpentine traffic, with the blaring, glaring, honking and pollution – it’s natural to reach the boiling point and blow your fuse. A lot of rides are ruined by the overwhelming anxiety and frustration of driving the harsh city roads. You need a break from time to time, to just enjoy the ride rather than be adversely affected by it. At times like this, DriveU is a godsend. With fares starting at ₹.89 per hour, it is an extremely affordable and viable solution to your driving woes.

How It Works

Once you download the app and set your location and time, you can ask for drivers on call in real time. Another fantastic thing about DriveU is that the drivers have been selected after going through a rigorous screening process, making sure they’re trustworthy. Most drivers you hire through this app have a good 4 to 5 years of experience, which makes them reliable. Once you reach your destination, you have the option of paying by cash or through the app.

Something noteworthy and positive about DriveU is that it gives those drivers who do not have the money to buy their own cars a new lease of life. Instead of being pushed to own cars by taking loans with high EMI rates, these drivers get to earn money by driving customer cars. So with DriveU, you not only enjoy the luxurious backseat but also end up doing a good turn for drivers everywhere.

Get the relaxation you deserve!

So what are you waiting for now that you can hire driver online?! Install the app from your Play Store or App Store and lean back as you get driven to your destination. Make precious memories with your friends and families as you go on that long-awaited road trip!