Text messaging is a great medium if you want to establish an effective communication channel with your audience. SMS have an open rate of 97%. Such high open rates make it a great channel to connect with customers.

If you also use Promotional SMS marketing or are considering using text messages to reach out to your target audience, then here are some do’s and don’ts that will make your text message marketing more successful.


Choose the right time

The time you choose to send the text message is of great importance. If you choose to send a text message late at night, then the open rate will be not what you expect. Text message is an instant communication channel, so send it when your consumers are most likely to read it and take an action.

In addition, if you text invitations of an event too early, they may forget it. But, if you are too late, then also there are chances that your invitees may miss your event. So, it is important to calculate a right time to send bulkSMS and stick to the schedule.

Call to action

Text messages are limited to 160 characters but it still allows you to explain: what, why, where and when. Therefore, it becomes essential that you have a persuasive call to action. Make it clear that what you want your customers to do once they read your message. The text should have only one call to action phrase.

Let them answer

Ensure that your SMS strategy allows for two way communication with the customer. Invite recipients to reply to your message, and send them some types of reward or additional information, to keep them coming back to you.


Don’t send everything to everybody

As compared to email, mobile is more personal. So, by getting not valuable SMS people will be more annoyed than by sending senseless email. However, when you send highly valuable content, with the open rate of SMS almost 97%, they can bring amazing results. To make your text messages valuable try segmenting your targeted audience depending on the factors like age, gender, interests, etc. and then send appropriate information to every group.

Send because it is required, not because it is scheduled

Consistent messages are important in email marketing, but in text message marketing, it is all real-time. Send transactional SMS only when you want to inform your customers about immediate and real time news.

Make your message attractive, don’t write everything

In SMS marketing, less is more. So, when creating a message, focus on directness, clarity and understandable meaning. If the wording and call to action are captivating, don’t worry, recipients will ask for more details.

So, when incorporating text message marketing in your marketing campaign, keep these key points in mind to make sure your customers don’t get irritated by your texts; rather reply to you and never want to unsubscribe your texts.