The coronavirus is officially a pandemic and it has overshadowed quite a lot of other news. We’ve got stories on all the big news from yesterday, including the president’s speech and the NBA season getting suspended.

But that other news goes on, and it turns out I have a lot of little things to say about a lot of the tech news — from my Galaxy S20 review to the Pixel 4A rumors to a newly launched cell phone service called Yahoo Mobile.

We live an age where tech brands like Nokia, Palm, Blackberry, and Polaroid get taken out of the bin, dusted off, and given another shot. But there’s something about Yahoo Mobile that breaks my brain. I don’t know what Verizon’s strategy is, but when my days of working from home turn into weeks, I suspect I’m going to be bored enough to want some of what its managers are smoking.

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I also want to briefly note that Samsung needs to commit to more than two years of software updates for this phone. It should at least match the Pixel’s three years — but honestly both could do better. As I write this I’m looking at an iPhone SE from 2016 that’s running the latest version of iOS. All of which is today: I wish I could say the S20 will age well in three years. For $999 and up, I feel like it should.

My main point in the review is that this is a phone that a lot of people will take for granted, especially as it lands in the shadow of the somewhat disappointing Galaxy S20 Ultra. Don’t. If you want the best Android phone on the market today and price is no object, the Galaxy S20 or S20 Plus is it. Given the pace of Android releases, that could change any minute, of course.

Anyway, I’d appreciate it if you watched and shared the video. My colleague Brennan King pretty much did the whole thing himself and I think it turned out nicely.