Blackberry Password Keeper

If you’re having issues with BlackBerry Password Keeping being unable to backup to Google Drive, as many folks in the CrackBerry Forums have been, BlackBerry has now acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix that will be covered in a future update. In addition to the acknowledgement of the issue, BlackBerry has also offered a workaround to use until the fix is rolled out.


When enabling Google Drive for backups, the following error message is displayed; Password Keeper requires one or more Google Play services that are not currently available. Please contact the developer for assistance. This is a previously reported issue that is being investigated by our development team to be resolved in a future release of the BlackBerry Password Keeper.


Create a manual backup of passwords via BlackBerry Password Keeper to Google Drive

Within BlackBerry Password Keeper;

  • Select the Left hand side menu
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Import/Export
  • Tap Export passwords
  • Select file format and records to export
  • Tap >
  • Enter your Password Keeper password
  • Tap >
  • Select the Left side menu
  • Tap the desired Drive account
  • Select a folder within Drive
  • Tap Save

I personally tried the workaround but unfortunately, I didn’t have much success with it. When trying to save the file to my Google Drive, the save button did not work. I suggest you try it out for yourself if and see if you have better luck. Either way, you can still save locally to your device. It’s not as convenient, but at least you’ll still have a backup and hopefully BlackBerry will push a new build rather quickly.

Update – I was advised you need to select an exact location before it will save when exporting manually to Google Drive.