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The Indian gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Being the second largest smartphone user base in the world, Indian gaming industry is touted to grow to INR 71 billion by 2021. According to a research by Reliance games, the mobile gaming industry alone is expected to be worth of USD 3 billion by 2019. With the growing number of active online gamers in the country, the Indian market is going to be one of the most anticipated game markets in the world. This has made India an irresistible market for international game publishers

Social card games like Poker, Teen Patti and Rummy are the most popular among the mobile games in the country. However, online rummy is legal to play for stakes according to the Supreme Court as it recognizes rummy as a game of skill. There are many rummy sites in India offering both free and cash games for the gamers.

Take a look at 4 of the stunning statistics of online rummy industry in the country.

#1: The industry

According to FICCI KPMG 2016 Report, the gaming industry is expected to grow to INR 50.7 billion by 2020. Further, it is estimated that nearly 40% of this growth is expected to come from free online rummy games alone. This is clear indication of the tremendous growth potential for online rummy games. With a growth rate of 30-40% y-o-y, rummy sites in India are where all the action is happening.

#2: PCs and mobile phones presence

Thepenetration of internet into smaller towns and rural areas, and the availability of cheaper smartphones, has made social card games like rummy witness a hugespurt in their patronage. Every year, nearly 17 million PCs are sold of which domestic users are a whopping 50% of it. Also, with over 40 million units in shipments, India is now home to the second largest smartphone users in the world. The availability of smartphones at economical prices and the competitive data rates, mobiles are now the preferred platform for online gamers. Indian rummy sites are making a big splash owing to gamers’ preference for India-centric games too.

#3: Subscriber base of online rummy

The gamer base in the country is a very young. Over 60% of online gamers in India are below 25 years driving the growth of the industry. Also, best rummy sites enjoy subscriber base anywhere between 20,000 to 2 lakh subscribers on their platforms. They witness 20,000 to 30,000 players playing online rummy at any given time. They enjoy a lakh installs per week. TheIndian rummy sites subscriber base has players between the age group of 25- 50 years. The ease in downloading the games and the hassle-free gaming experience are adding to the expanding subscriber base too.

#4: Marketing and Ad Spend

Owing to the huge popularity of rummy coupled with the rapid growth of the online gamers, rummy portals are spending around 20-30% of their revenue towards advertising and marketing activities.

Online rummy industry reaching new heights

The developments in digital technology and the growing affiliation for India-centric mobile games, therummy sites in India are poised for some mind-blowing growth in the coming days.