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Dianabol or Methandrostenolone is identified as one among the most popular and vital anabolic steroids available. This medication is obtained in the form of an oral tablet and an injectable solution too but the tablet form remains the chief route of administration. This compound was manufactured with an intention to enhance performance but additionally, it has many therapeutic benefits too. This medication was produced to maintain the anabolic qualities of testosterone with lesser androgenicity in a potent and rapid process. Soon after its inception, this medication became famous amongst almost every competitive sport. When combined with exogenous testosterone, it gives a performance which is unthinkable.

Additionally, this compound is capable of stimulating bulk but only when you supply with adequate diet and exercise. In fact, you need to have a general understanding of nutrition also. That means with the usage of this medication, you must take considerable protein and increased calorie which is truly valuable to your body. This medication continues to be a preferred choice for bodybuilders for many decades as it plays a huge positive role in their bodybuilding process. However, you must remember that an effectual post cycle therapy is equally important as a lack of post cycle therapy can increase the risk of side effects like water weight gain.

Stacking this compound

This medication is widely used among athletes and bodybuilders all around the world who try to increase strength and size rapidly. Moreover, it is more effective when taken as a part of your stacking process. As this compound begins to reflect fast results, it is chiefly taken to quick start a steroid cycle.Some common substances that this drug can be stacked with are:

  • Testosterone – The finest steroid cycles are made with this compound as a base. Few injectable forms for this purpose are Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Propionate. A common cycle involves beginning testosterone and Dianabol together, then discontinuing Dianabol after 4-6 weeks of using and testosterone after 10-12 weeks.
  • Trenbolone – Users cycle these two compounds in a cycle of 8 weeks and manage to gain 20 pounds or much better than this.
  • Proviron – This anabolic steroid has mild hepatotoxic properties and can be safely stacked with Dianabol. The chief reason for using Proviron with this compound is to counteract the side effects that include decreased libido.

Moreover, this medication can be combined with several other performance enhancers like Masteron, Deca-Durabolin and Sustanon 250.

Cycling this medication only

This medication can also be taken alone. Though many see this usage with contempt yet during the past, many users managed to get superb physiques using this compound only as the single performance-enhancing compound. Even today, numerous users get benefitted from using this steroid alone. However, only those who are high responders and do quite well with this medication alone can use this cycle alone to observe good results. Like other anabolic steroidscycles, the usage of this compound needs to be followed with post cycle therapy with Toremifene, Nolvadex or Clomid as a lack of post cycle therapy can invite the danger of unpleasant side effects.