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Had I remained in my corporate job in London which I decided to leave some 13 years ago, I am not certain that I would have much of an idea about social media and all the marketing opportunities that it opens up to the small business entrepreneur.

“Social Media For The Rest Of Us: Simple Steps To Understanding & Optimizing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+”, by Deb Scott, is a brief guide to using the four main social media platforms for the purpose of promoting oneself.

For the younger generation of tech savvy entrepreneurs the book “Social Media for the Rest Of Us” will appear to be over simplistic. However, there are many from my generation who have moved on in life to become motivational speakers, authors, and even decided to start a small business for themselves. For them, this book is an ideal starting point to learn the basics of how they, too, can make use of social media to promote themselves or their business.

The author starts by explaining the benefits of having a presence on each of the four major platforms. The “simple steps” needed to be taken to achieve this are provided together with the links to enable the reader to create an account on each platform.

“People can’t find you if you are not there …”.

Deb Scott (@GreenSkyDeb) continues by explaining that it is through the use of social media that customers and followers can be obtained, and how this can serve you well in the promotion of a service or product. She advises that studies have shown that when attempting to engage your customers and followers that the best way is through the use of images and pictures.