Those who have been a customer of the smart trike would definitely have an idea of what it is all about but those who are new to the term or have become parents recently for them smart trike is the number one brand that deals with the selling of baby tricycles. One might think that what is so fascinating about a branded tricycle or why is this brand gaining o much of attention? Well, in order to explain the answer of the afore mentioned question let’s get in to some details about a baby and the tricycle and some other vehicles that a baby or the parents might need. Babies are delicate and fragile. Be it the skin, immune system, health or any other factor. Hence, ensuring the safety of the baby is the first and the most important aspect that the parents are concerned about. Normal tricycles are made up of plastic or iron material. No matter how high quality plastic is it or how highly treated iron it is, it can always hurt the baby if the baby falls. The regular contact of the plastic and the baby’s fragile skin might result in to cutsand rashes.

Parents feel the need of a baby stroller in order to carry them to the market or go for a walk. It eliminates the pain of carrying a baby in the arms or hours. Also carrying a stroller provides the parents with sufficient space to keep the baby food and other requirements for the baby. The 3 in 1 trike plus or babies are meant to serve and fulfill three needs at a time. It is a stroller that is designed in the form of a tricycle and can carry baby luggage. The seats, pedals, back rest, head cover etc. is coated with soft material s as to ensure that the toddler feels comfortable in it. The head cover makes sure that the baby is protected from rain and excess heat so that the health does not get affected. The 3 in 1 trike offered by the smart trike brand provides the parents with three different means of growing along with their toddlers. The 3 in 1 strike can be kept in use for a baby from the first month till the baby is 6 years old.

For first few years the 3 in 1 trike would work as a baby stroller with easy push and pull technique. It is adjustable and easy to use so that the parents can even handle the stroller with just one hand. After that when the baby learns to cycle, the head cover can be removed and the back stand would work as a handler for the parent to control the cycle’s movement and balance. After this the smart trike 3 in 1 can be converted in to a proper tricycle and the baby can ride it without having parents hold the stand. Hence, the 3 in 1 trike plus by the smart trike is a great thing for babies.