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Mahogany doors and windows are always a desirable possession – mahogany additions to your home always add a sense of elegance to the aesthetic of your home, and add a sense of magnificence as well. Mahogany is a valuable material, and can convey a sense of wealth to those who visit your home. Mahogany also manages to fit into whatever aesthetic you already have in your home, and is always a welcome addition, and a useful investment, for homes with mahogany interiors always have added value on the market.However, the proves to obtain a mahogany door may not be as easy as it seems, and can involve following certain steps, and early planning on your part, so as to save time and money.

Custom solid mahogany doors take around 10-12 weeks to manufacture, so make sure to order your mahogany door as soon as you can, giving yourself enough time, in case there are any changes that you wish to make in the design, or if human errors happen to occur.

Make sure that you order your custom made door with other things in mind, like hardware. One of the things to keep in mind is to order door handles, and other hardware, ahead of time – the door handle can perfectly add to the aesthetic of your home, if chosen right. Keep in mind that shipment of door handles require 1-2 weeks, and certain brands can take as long as 8-10 weeks. Make sure to check delivery time with your provider, and see how long each manufacturer may take.

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the dimensions you’ve given to the manufacturer are accurate. Before submitting the dimensions of the door, double-check to make sure you’re absolutely sure. Any deviations in the size of the door will cost you your custom entrance, and can greatly increase the cost of remaking the door.

One last thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the manufacturer you have chosen has product approval for wooden doors and windows, and that is has been accepted by the building code in your city. Building code approvals are not easy to come by, and it is imperative to make sure that the products you use are regulated, and fall within city limits.
Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure your provider has product control permits, or building code approvals. This way the residents of your building or neighbourhood will remain protected, and building inspections will be swift and successful – and that you are guaranteed a certain quality in the product as well – so you won’t have to deal with problems like water leaks, or product disintegration.

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