Silent Hills’ Norman Reedus and Lisa Reunite in Metal Gear Solid 5

A fan of Silent Hills mods Norman Reedus and the ghost from P.T.into Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain for a strange reunion between the characters.

Although Death Stranding is on the way, it’s safe to presume that fans will never truly be over the fact that they won’t ever get to play Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills. Taking into account the fact that the horror title is now considered to be among the numerous cancelled games we wished were finished, all gaming fans can do is remember the good time spent with the playable teaser (AKA P.T.) and make their own creations inspired by the assets found within the Konami property.

As it happens, the YouTuber Lakitouille has decided that since Silent Hills is no more, they would create a tribute to the game by modding the horror title’s star Norman Reedus and P.T.‘s ghost figure of Lisa into Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain as a way to unofficially reunite the characters. Interestingly enough, Reedus gets cast as the open world stealth-action game’s protagonist Big Boss, while Lisa is given the role of the female lead Quiet.

As seen in the footage below, Silent Hills‘ Reedus and Lisa have a lighthearted romp in the rain together, suddenly embracing one another to perhaps ponder for a fleeting moment what could have been if the horror title were not cancelled with a “scorched earth approach.” While some might believe that the portion of the video featuring Reedus and Lisa is equal parts carefree and creepy, fans who wish to truly feel weirded out would do well to stick around until the tail-end of the clip, as it contains a rather bizarre shower scene with a Hideo Kojima mod.


While Lakitouille’s strange homage to the Silent Hills characters is definitely fun to watch, the YouTuber’s creation is far from the first instance of a fan-made product related to the nixed horror title. There are a plethora of examples, but one of the more standout offerings comes from the filmmakers known as Oddest of the Odd who recreated P.T. as a live-action short film.

Although all of these fan-made projects are undoubtedly delightful and have honest intentions to remind gamers of Silent Hills‘ potential, some might argue that it’s time to stop mourning the loss of the game. More specifically, those with that opinion would assert that a good way to put the confusing situation with Konami behind them would be to have a positive outlook for the future of Kojima’s work.

Bearing all of this in mind, one can hope that the horror franchise eventually gets revived with a Silent Hills on par with what Kojima would have offered, but it’s best to let go for now to simply celebrate the lives of other games’ in existence and those with impending releases. Of course, it’s highly likely that we will continue to see more odd renditions of the Norman Reedus and Lisa character models making their way into other fan-made projects, which isn’t a bad thing overall.



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