The ‘Really Blue’ Google Pixel has been a surprise hit (as wildly colored phones typically tend to be). So much so that it has been a very difficult color to get ahold of, being out of stock in Google Play for weeks. That has now changed, with Really Blue Pixels once again available for the masses. Until they go out of stock again, that is.

Keep in mind that it’s only the 32 GB regular-sized Pixel that’s available: the Really Blue color is not an option for either 128 GB Pixel and the Really Blue 32 GB Pixel XL is still out of stock. As a matter of fact, all colors and sizes of the Pixel XL are still out of stock. It’s not clear when the Play Store will have fresh XL stocks either.

Considering Really Blue is a limited edition color choice, we had originally suspected that when stocks were depleted the first time that that would be it. Fortunately Google later confirmed more would eventually arrive. So if you’re at all interested in a Really Blue Pixel you might want to pull the trigger fast, or take your chances on holding out for the possibility of a Pixel XL showing up at some point.



[Source:- Androidauthority]