Image result for Samsung turns Gear S3 into a communication tool for hotel staff

Samsung, in collaboration with the hotel operations platform ALICE, has developed a Gear S3-based hotel management solution to improve staff communication and responsiveness. The wearable solution uses LTE-equipped Gear S3 smartwatches to help hotel workers cater to customer requests quickly and efficiently.

Under this digital solution, when a guest raises a request, employees in the relevant department will receive a silent vibration alert on their smartwatches. Those responsible for attending the specific request can accept the task with a simple tap on the screen, triggering an alert to the management staff that the task is being taken care of. The system allows managers to track tasks in real time to ensure they are completed quickly and satisfactorily.

Ideal for hotel workers

The hands-free solution is ideal for hotel workers who are always on the move and need to use both their hands to complete the tasks. Staff involved in room service, repairs, cleaning, etc. can benefit immensely from this smartwatch-based management system. It can drive up customer satisfaction as timely service is a critical component in the services industry.

The Viceroy Hotel Group brought together Samsung and ALICE to develop this solution and will be the first one to employ this system, starting with their Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills hotel, before rolling out to other properties around the world. The solution will be unveiled at the HITEC 2018 conference next week in Houston, Texas, and will be commercially available this summer.