Samsung is bringing back Good Lock, the UI customization app

Just over two years ago, Samsung released an application exclusively in their Galaxy App Store called Good Lock. Once installed, it gave you the ability to customize various aspects of Samsung’s OEM ROM and it was very well received by the enthusiast community. We saw a number of updates with additional featuresadded to the application, but it was more or less abandoned around the time they began rolling out the Nougat update. However, now that Samsung has had time to let their Samsung Experience ROM mature, we have learned that the Good Lock application may be brought back soon.

There isn’t much to go on at this time but, leaker Ice Universe did upload a handful of screenshots which revealed some of the features of the new Good Lock tool. Based on those four screenshots we can see that Samsung is experimenting with different recent app changer styles. Some showing short cards that scroll straight from left to right while another style has the cards spread out like a fan. Another screenshot seems to indicate that we’ll be able to customize the accent color with a full color wheel interface.

The last screenshot doesn’t show what features we can actually customize but does include some names of categories including LockStar, QuickStar, Task Changer, and Routines. Then at the bottom of the Good Lock 2018 application, it lists something they’re calling the Goodlock Family which includes popular features from Samsung devices such as Edge Lighting, Edge Touch, One-handed operation, and more. Good Lock 2018 was showing up in the Galaxy Apps store for everyone, but it has since been removed. The app was only working for users in South Korea anyway.

Some are speculating that the application itself won’t be locked to specific regions, though, so many people are on the hunt for the APKs for Good Lock 2018. We can’t confirm if the APKs would work in all regions.