Image result for Samsung pulls Android Pie update for Galaxy A7 (2018) in the NetherlandsGenerally, Samsung’s rollout of Android Pie has been quite smooth, but it has hit a bump with the Galaxy A7 (2018) in the Netherlands. The update makes regular phone calls impossible. The update has been pulled, awaiting a structural solution.

Galaxy A7 update to Android Pie pulled in the Netherlands

Samsung has managed to offer Android 9 Pie and its new One UI to 2018’s A series earlier than originally predicted. And where haste is made, bugs are bound to surface. In the Netherlands, Galaxy A7 users running firmware version A750FNXXU1BSC4 report major issues making phone calls. It appears that in quite a few cases the caller cannot be heard, as Galaxy Club reports.

Samsung has been made aware of the issue and has now pulled the firmware from its servers, though this only appears to be the case in the Netherlands. In other countries, where the bug does not seem to affect devices, the same firmware remains available.

Dutch users who did not yet install the new firmware have to wait until a solution is available before they can upgrade their Galaxy A7 to Android Pie. Users who already installed the updated can temporarily bypass the issue by disabling VoLTE calls. You can do so by going into Settings » Connections » Mobile networks, and switching off VoLTE calls.

Have you experienced similar issues on your Galaxy A7 outside the Netherlands? Drop a comment below, so we too can keep an eye on this annoying little bug.