Google Now on Tap Discover mode-AA

If you’re currently enrolled in the Google app beta testing program, you may notice a few changes after updating to the latest version.

Version 6.5 beta of the Google app is rolling out to beta testers as we speak, and, oddly enough, it brings a new name for Google Now on Tap, the company’s contextual search feature. According to the folks at 9to5Google, Now on Tap has been renamed to ‘Screen search’, while Now Cards have been renamed to ‘Feed’ in the settings menu. Nothing has changed with the overall functionality of the feature. There’s simply a new name that’s a little more straightforward for the average user.


There’s one other change in the latest beta, too. First introduced last month, Google’s new ‘In Apps’ search feature allows users to quickly search for information within the apps on their Android phones. To access it, all you need to do is navigate to the Google app on your phone, tap the In Apps tab, then start searching. If you think this seems like too many steps, you’re in luck. A dedicated In Apps shortcut can now be added to your device’s home screen, provided you’re on v6.5 of the Google app. This shortcut first appeared on the LG V20, but now it’s available for all users.

If you’d like to add the shortcut to your device, navigate to Settings>In Apps, then tap Add to home screen.

If you’d like to jump on the Google app beta testing bandwagon, head to this link, select become a tester, then download the latest version of the Google app from the Play Store. Just remember it might take an hour or so before your beta status is confirmed, so you might need to wait a little while before testing out the new version.

Are you on the latest Google app beta? How are you liking the new In Apps home screen shortcut?


[Source:- Android-Authority]