5 Signs You Need a Social Media Team | Social Media Today

It’s easy enough to think anyone can run social media for your brand or company since it’s such an ingrained part of our daily lives and culture now – afterall, it’s not like there’s a degree in it yet (or is there?).

We understand the hesitation to invest in social properly, but we’re here to provide you with five signposts for that crucial time when you have to finally admit you need a social media team.

Here are the 5 signs you need to watch for:

1. Your engagement rate is less than 10%

Simply speaking, engagement rate is a calculation for measuring a brand’s effectiveness on social media – it’s the number of people who engaged (liked, commented, shared, pinned, favorite, etc) divided by the number of people reached. As teams post on social, the goal is to generate high engagement. High engagement allows the algorithms to rank a piece of content as more relevant (and better) than others which then reaches a larger audience. (Read: higher chance of conversions to sales, reads, etc.)

2. Your average cost per click on ads is greater than 10 cents 

Social media advertising is one of the most popular tools for growing an audience, building brand awareness and increasing sales. But all too often, business owners are paying too much and their budgets are being spent too quickly.

As a guide, on Facebook, your cost per content engagement should average less than 10 cents per engagement, less than 4 cents per video views and 50 cents for new fans.

3. You aren’t using the information you have properly

As social platforms moved from purely social networking to a marketing platform, there’s been a significant focus on creating powerful tools for small business owners. Custom audiences, for example, enable you to target people who already know and love your brand. Lookalike audiences enable you to reach a targeted population that’s similar to your current customer based off of lifestyle choices and brand interests. Say hello to a wider audience to love you and interact/buy from you.

4. You’re not tracking how activity impacts overarching business goals (ie: sales) 

If you’ve invested in social media activity and left feeling like it didn’t work, it may be less about the platform and more about tracking and alignment.

Successful social media campaigns begin with a plan that aligns with wider business goals, continues with tracking progress on those goals and goes through to refining the process based on those metrics as the campaign progresses.

Simply put, companies who track goal progress have most success on social.

5. You’re a company leader

Company leaders can most certainly have a presence in their social media strategy but generally speaking, there are other roles and duties that the leader could focus on to move the business forward without decreasing social media success.



[Source:- Socialmediatoday]