Microsoft NXOE New Xbox One Experience home
Credit: Mark Hachman


A tour of the New Xbox One Experience

What do you get when you update the Xbox One gaming console in conjunction with Windows 10? What Microsoft calls the New Xbox One Experience, or NXOE. And as of November 12, it should be rolling out to Xbox One owners everywhere.

We’ve been testing (ahem) the New Xbox One Experience for several weeks now, through various builds. It’s been surprisingly stable: I’ve noticed just a few small bugs, such as an unending download of updates for Grand Theft Auto 5. Otherwise, the notable features, such as game streaming from the One to the Xbox app on Windows 10, have worked very well.

It’s possible you’ll notice a glitch or two during the transition—testing the NXOE caused my Netflix login info to vanish, for instance. And unfortunately, integration with Microsoft’s Cortana will be coming later. For a more thorough sneak peek at what your Xbox One console will look like from now on, start clicking.

Updated at 4:10 PM with a screenshot showin the Xbox 360 compatibility.

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