The purchases will be approved online by facial recognition and all the shoppers will require is to buy a webcam, so they can send their current photo id while shopping on the net.

MasterCard partnered with Apple, BlackBerry, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung for the project. The facial recognition scan will map out your face, convert it to 1s and 0s and transmit that over the Internet to MasterCard.

The payment provider is planning to rollout a new program that will use a self-portrait photo taken with a smartphone to clear your purchases at the checkout. “This [app] seamlessly integrates biometrics into the overall payment experience[…]You can choose to use your fingerprint or your face – you tap it, the transaction is okayed (sic) and you’re done”.

The company is only at the testing phase for the facial scan technology so it is possible that MasterCard will eventually store facial scans on the device in the future. It alsodoesn’t hurt that this generation is into taking selfies whenever possible, hence the advent of the selfie stick. “They’ll embrace it”, Mastercard’s Ajay Bhalla told CNN.

For those who don’t want images of their face circulating around MasterCard’s servers, don’t worry, the company said. To get around this problem, users will be required to blink to indicate that they are a real person.

The company said technology was used a year ago in three billion transactions.

No longer happy with just allowing for fingerprint-scanning confirmation for mobile payments, Mastercard is now looking to bring in banking through facial scanning dawning the age of selfie payments.

MasterCard Incorporated or MasterCard Worldwide is an American multinational financial services corporation.

The current practice of using a code operated by a password is mostly secure except when passwords are forgotten, stolen or intercepted. The company says it will not be able to reconstruct a user’s face from the resulting numerical data. So nobody can’t pretend like they are you.


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