HTC U11 Silver and Blue Lifestyle

As HTC is a Taiwanese company, it must report its revenue figures monthly. This gives us some insight as to how not only quarters relate to those from last year, but even to how flagships fare against each other in the market — after all, the corporation also makes smartphones, too.

With July wrapped up in the calendar, so, too, was the HTC U11‘s second month on the market. And during this month, the company made approximately NT$6.2 billion (US$205.3 million). Year-over-year, that’s a 2 percent drop — a lateral move.

But consider the HTC 10, the flagship that launched in April and began sales in May. Sure, the company fared 2 percent better on earnings in the U11’s first month on sale, but that 10 percent drop to the second month compares poorly to the HTC 10’s 6 percent drop.

Earnings 2017 (billions of NT$) 2016 (billions of NT$) Year-to-year difference
Flagship month 1 6.891 6.753 +2%
Flagship month 2 6.194 6.358 -2.5%
Seq. change -0.697 -0.395 +76%

So, what happened with the phone that has already outsold both the HTC 10 and One M9 altogether? Did the affordable Desire line get lost in the vacuum as the company decided to cut down on its portfolio? Maybe the Vive, which is actually insignificant to the company as it is owned by a spin-off, had something to do with it. We shall have to work this out when the second quarter results are officially compiled.