Travel without an itinerary and visit spaces frequented by locals.

With global warming and climate change being such important issues lately, how can you make a difference? Well, for one, you can travel sustainably. After all, travelling generates a lot of waste, with reports saying that the average airline passenger generates half a kilogram of waste per flight. So here are some steps you can take to travel green:

*Check your trash: Take back fond memories of your journey but do not leave behind, be it a plastic bottle or a packet. Make sure you dispose of all the junk properly, carry reusable water bottles and cloth bags which are more eco-friendly.

Teach a new skill to a local or volunteer in their daily tasks. (Shutterstock)

* Opt for voluntourism: Combine tourism with volunteering to bring about a change in the places you visit. You get to stay with a host family and immerse yourself in the local culture. In the process, you learn more about the place and are not just a tourist.

* Ditch the car: If you are in a new city, a cycle might be the best way to enjoy some leisurely rides and reduce carbon emissions in the process. If you must opt for a car, then choose one that has low-emissions, or run on solar power.

*Support local ventures: Visit shops that locals frequent, try independent restaurants, and support local producers. Chances are they might be more sustainable than bigger chains and offer seasonal produce grown locally, which is better for the environment and healthier for you. Use local guides to support the economy.

* Try slow travelling: Travel without an itinerary and visit spaces frequented by locals. Take public transport and try activities that are non-touristy for a memorable experience.