AH HTC One M9 Batch 2-6

Looks like Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC can’t catch a break at the moment. The company has enough financial problems as it is, without having to worry about unwanted issues creeping up after software updates to their phones and tablets. However, that seems to be the exact problem being reported by users of its current flagship smartphone, the One M9. According to reports, after updating their phones with the latest firmware revision (version 1.40.401.8), the device has started taking inordinately long to complete its charging process. While the average charging time for the smartphone out the box is around 106 minutes (with the original charger and cable), the post-update duration for a full charge has gone up astronomically to around thirteen hours!

The first image in the gallery below clearly illustrates exactly what the complaint is all about. The message on the bottom of the screen above the row of icons reads, “In Carica (13 ore al completamento)” which in Italian, means “In Charge. 13 hours till completion”. The bug was first brought to light by an Italy-based M9 user named Samuel Brancaccio, through a post on Google Plus. The bug seems to be corroborated by another user from Italy as well, named Enrico Martini, who posted on twitter about the issue. “After latest update M9 loads very slowly though steadily”, he writes, referring to charging as loading. But fortunately for M9 users, he prescribes a workaround as well, which seems to be working at least for him. “You have to turn it off or restart it to make the correct charge” seems to be his suggestion, meaning that charging the device while switched off or restarting it during the ongoing charging process seems to be the irritating but working temporary solution, till HTC addresses the issue with a future update.

As can be seen from the second image below, HTC originally appeared to have acknowledged the issue, and the Twitter account of the company’s UK arm replied back to Enrico, saying “This is an issue that we’re aware of since the last update on the M9, if you uninstall the Google Photos application…”. However, the tweet by @HTC_UK (official Twitter handle for HTC UK) seems to have now been deleted, so the reference to Google photos remains a mystery for now. While we’ve no way of knowing whether the bug is universal and applies to every single device with the Google Photos app installed, or if it’s something that affects only the Italian version of the firmware, seeing as both users reporting the problem are from that country. Whatever the case may be, hopefully, HTC is already on the job as we speak, and the bug-fix update isn’t too far away for the troubled users.


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