This is a query that we have gotten from one of our readers. If you have also undergone a similar situation, then this would be an ideal guide for you. As surprising as it might sound, you can easily retrieve the lost and deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone – even if you have no prior backup stored. To do this, you can take the assistance of a dedicated data recovery tool. I have covered a foolproof solution to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone right here.

iSkysoft Toolbox: Recommended Data Recovery Software for iPhone

No matter what the situation is, you can easily retrieve your lost or deleted content on iPhone using iSkysoft Toolbox – Recover (iOS). It is one of the most recommended and widely used data recovery tools for iOS devices. By following a simple click-through process, anyone can now recover their lost, deleted, or inaccessible content from their phone. It is known to have one of the highest data recovery rates and supports all kinds of scenarios. Therefore, you can easily recover deleted WhatsApp messages iPhone using iSkysoft Toolbox – Recover (iOS).

  • The tool can extract your WhatsApp chats, contacts, and exchanged media files even when no prior backup is taken.
  • It is an exceptional iPhone data recovery tool, which is easy to use and yields a high success rate.
  • From accidental deletion to software issue and virus attack to corrupt storage, it can perform data recovery in all situations.
  • Apart from WhatsApp data, the tool can also be used to extract photos, videos, music, contacts, documents, and 20+ different types of content.
  • It can also extract a previously taken iCloud or iTunes backup and restore it selectively without erasing the existing content.
  • While restoring your data, no existing content on the device would be lost.

The desktop application is available for both Windows and macOS. It is also compatible with all the new and popular iPhone models. Here’s how you can use iSkysoft Toolbox – Recover (iOS).

Step 1: Launch the application and connect your phone

First, connect your iPhone to your computer (Windows or Mac). You might need to trust the computer (if it’s the first time you are connecting). Launch the iSkysoft Toolbox and open the “Recover” section from its home.

Step 2: Select the data you wish to recover

From the next screen, you need to select what kind of data you wish to scan. You can either look only for the deleted content or scan the entire storage. Just make sure that the option for “WhatsApp & Attachments” is selected before proceeding.

Step 3: Preview and restore WhatsApp data

This will initiate the recovery process as the application would scan your device storage in detail. Just wait for a few minutes for your WhatsApp chats and attachments to be retrieved.

Once the process is completed, you will be notified. You can preview your messages, media files, or any other retrieved content here. Furthermore, you can select the data that you want back. You can recover it to your computer or directly restore it to your iPhone.

Tips on WhatsApp Backup for iPhone

By taking the assistance of iSkysoft Toolbox – Recover (iOS), you can easily get your WhatsApp data back even if no prior backup is maintained. Though, it is recommended to always maintain a backup of your WhatsApp. In this way, you won’t encounter an unwanted situation. To learn how to backup WhatsApp on iPhone, follow these suggestions.

Backup WhatsApp on iCloud

If you want, you can directly maintain a backup of your WhatsApp chats on iCloud. To do this, go to its Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and tap on the “Backup Now” button. There is also a provision to enable automatic backup here. Though, you can’t selectively restore the content back to your device with this approach.

Backup WhatsApp using iSkysoft Toolbox-Restore Social App

If you want to have a more flexible approach, then use iSkysoft Toolbox – Restore Social App. It can take a complete backup of your WhatsApp data on your computer with a single click. Later, you can preview and selectively restore the data without erasing any existing content on the same or another iOS/Android device.

Now when you know how to extract your WhatsApp data without any prior backup, you can easily meet your requirements. Feel free to give this remarkable data recovery tool a try or recommend it to your friends as well.