Chinese startup OnePlus is planning to launch its next phone at the end of the month, but we may already have an idea of what it looks like. TENAA, the organization that regulates wireless products in China, just posted photos that show what appears to be the OnePlus 2 from all angles.

The device in the image looks a lot like the company’s current phone, the OnePlus One, but with two noticeable differences: a physical home button, and metal edges.

Here’s the front of the phone.


Here’s the side, where you can see the metal edge.


And here’s the back.


We previously reported that the OnePlus one would come with metal in its design and have published sketches that outline the major differences between the new phone and its predecessor. However, this seems to be the first genuine photo of the phone that illustrates what it actually looks like.

OnePlus will officially introduce its new phone on July 27, but the company has already revealed several key details about the OnePlus 2. OnePlus said that the phone will come with a fingerprint sensor that it claims is faster than TouchID, which Business Insider first reported before the announcement. We also know that the OnePlus 2 will come with a USB Type C connector, which means its charger will be reversible.

The biggest question is how much the phone will cost — the company already confirmed that the new phone won’t be priced higher than $450, but we don’t have a specific number just yet. We heard from a person familiar with OnePlus’ plans that it will be more expensive than the OnePlus One, which makes sense given the sequel’s hardware improvements.

The low price of the OnePlus One is what made it one of the most sought-after phones of 2014. It only costs $250 ($300 at launch) off-contract and comes with hardware that’s on par with phones that cost double the price. OnePlus was met with such high demand last year that you could only buy the phone if someone who already owns the One sent you an invite. Now, you can buy the phone regardless of whether you have an invite every Tuesday.

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