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Chess is a popular game, whether you play chess or use to decorate as a showpiece at your home; in both the cases important point to consider is the quality and having the right chess piece. Chess players are pretty much aware of the quality of chess piece, but when it comes to the decorative idea then you want to be aware that they are top line pieces which can stand anywhere you place them.

 There are many companies which are well known in the market for making fine chess pieces such as Official Staunton. They are famous in making very fine and valuable quality chess pieces. On the demand of fine chess pieces, luxury chess sets these companies allows to make a stream to deliver the same for everyone.   Here we will discuss the types of chess sets or can say chess pieces.

MetalChess Sets or Pieces: Metal chess boards are also demanded by people. There any different kinds of metal chess pieces with different styles, ranging from classic to traditional Staunton chess pieces. They are designed in such a unique style that they often look like Persian, roman bust etc. Basically, these metal chess sets are made up of brass and nickel. They can be the best option for those who want a long lasting, highly durable chess set, and also they are pretty much costly than that of wooden chess sets.

Wooden Chess Sets: These chess sets are very common as everyone in generally have these at home. They are the cheapest one amongst all of the chess sets. Wooden chess sets are made of many different trees wood such as rosewood, Sheesham or ebony. Amongst all the three ebony wooden chess set is most durable. These chess sets are easily purchased from the market in a reasonable price range.

Stone chess sets:  Stone chess sets are most demanded by the people. This is one of the favorite materials all over the world. They generally made up of marble or alabaster material and are most luxurious chess sets. They show the royal look in every piece of chess sets. Chess enthusiastic people and those who need stunning center chess piece for decoration, marble and alabaster chess sets are one of the best options. These sets last for generations and are also loved by every generation. It is the most expensive one amongst all the chess sets. People who love classic or traditional looks prefer to have a stone chess sets.

Well, players always borrow or purchase the set which pleases them in playing. It is quite important not to buy such gaming things which don’t please you in your gaming. Chess players or people who are decorating home with these chess set, after reading this article you all will have a clear picture of how to purchase or choose the best one for you. At last, the choice for your own will ultimately depend on your level and style of game. Never go for a show-off, choose the one you can afford.