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Koei Tecmo releases a new trailer for the upcoming Attack on Titan video game adaptation, revealing the game’s release date as well as what systems it will be on.

The Attack on Titan video game has launched in Japan to a generally positive critical reception and strong sales. Now, publisher Koei Tecmo is looking to bring the anime-to-game adaptation to western territories, which will happen on August 30 across all currently supported PlayStation platforms (including the PS3), PC, and Xbox One.

Attack on Titan will follow the story of the anime’s first season closely, and will reportedly have players reliving the anime’s “most shocking, courageous, and exhilarating moments.” Players will take control of various key characters from the show, and help them fight off the threat of the large, man-eating Titans that give the franchise its namesake.

As depicted in the trailer, Attack on Titan’s gameplay will allow players to explore an open world while completing missions that follow the plot of the anime. Combat will consist mainly of fighting the titular Titans, with players able to dismember the beasts in brutal fashion, earning the game its “M for Mature” rating. There also appears to be destructible environments in the Attack on Titanvideo game, with the trailer showing Titans smashing into buildings and the like.

Anyone unfamiliar with Attack on Titan will probably find the following trailer a bit over-the-top, but that’s part of the franchise’s appeal. Check out the new trailer for the Attack on Titan video game right here:

While it looks like Attack on Titan’s visuals are being held back to allow the game to be released onPS3 and PS Vita as well as current-gen platforms, overall, the game doesn’t look too shabby for a game based on an anime. The combat looks interesting, and if the developers are able to nail the open world aspect, Attack on Titan could be a surprise hit when it releases later this summer.

One thing is clear: it does look as though it will be more fully-featured than the Attack on Titan 3DS game, which was universally panned by critics at the time of its release for having shallow combat and generally poor game design. It seems like more effort has been put into this latest attempt to bring the Attack on Titan anime to the world of video games, and hopefully fans aren’t left disappointed again.

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