It has always been a controversial issue whether Android smartphones or iOS could be the best choice for user. And although we know each of the choice has its own advantages and disadvantages, here are 5 reasons why we personally prefer Android over iOS smartphones


1. Wider variety

Unlike iOS, which is exclusively produced by Apple, Android smartphones are chosen to manufactured by a lot of producers around the world. From famous Samsung, Sony, HTC, Asus, Lenovo… to newbie Alcatel, Wiko, Micromax, from conservative BlackBerry to legendary Nokia, everyone is using or planning to join team Android in the near future. Choosing this OS means you have an unlimited number of devices to choose for your liking.

2. More options for different prices

With many units being produced frequently, Android smartphones come with a great variety of prices. Looking for a premium handset that can help you at work? Finding one for your tiny budget? Searching an average price device with rather good specs for multiple purposes? You name it, you will get it eventually.


3. The level of customization

If you ask a user who has tried both Android and iOS smartphones, he or she will probable agree that, one of the best things about Android mobiles is that, the OS allows high level of customization to make each handset a unique one. While Apple’d like to control the default apps to keep a homogenous software and hardware experience, Android makers just let you tailor-made your device

4. Multi tasking

You may say that Apple iPhones can do multi-tasking too. Yet wait until you compare it to the level of multi tasking you can perform on an Android phone. If you have to switch apps back and forth on an iPhone to do many things at once, Android producers like Samsung has introduced their users with multi-window a long time ago, which means you can stay on one screen and still be able to perform different tasks all at the same time.


5. The support of Google

Google is, for no doubt, King of the internet world. And Android smartphones have that huge advantage being supported by the Giant. More and more people (smartphone users specifically) are using Google service, which making Android even a better option for them. Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps…. and all the apps you can think of in life. Don’t tell us you are not using any of the many services being provided by Google!

Above are our 5 reasons why Android is becoming more of a choice for many smartphone users nowadays, instead of Apple iPhone. However, we are totally aware that, iOS users have their reasons to choose their device. Either you are an Android or iOS fan, share with us the reasons why you stay/switch and what you love best about your smartphone OS.


[Source:- pricepony]