Onam celebration has started and we are prepared to flavor up your Onam look here. You may have just picked your Kasavu or Kerala sarees for the Onam day however have you picked any haircut? No? All things considered, we have an incredible news for you. In this article, we spread all that you have to think about gajra hairstyles to wear with Kasavu sarees on Onam.  Obviously, you’ll go for gajras to amp up your Kasavu saree look however to amp it up more, investigate the 10 kinds of gajra hairstyles that you can attempt on your Kasavu sarees. Make your white and gold saree look much increasingly delightful with these recorded saree hairstyle for long hair.

  1. The Full Gajra:

This gajra style is elegant and drives complete consideration to your hair. The trap is you make a little bun and after that crease your hair. The ricochet of the hair will draw out the full gajra impact. This style is for the most part worn amid the wedding yet you can attempt this on Onam as well.

  1. The Full Cover Bun:

This style likewise falls under the bridal class. In any case, on the off chance that you cherish botanical adorned hair why not attempt this? Have a go at making a bun and spread the whole bun with gajra. Pick a net saree for this one with the goal that you can flaunt the exquisite bun you have.

  1. Two Lined Gajra:

Rather than covering it completely, attempt the single lines of gajra. Make a bun. Spread the sides of bun with a gajra line and afterward stick a different line on the bun. Include a head adornments in the event that you like.

  1. The Lily Gajra:

Rather than going conventional, adopt a cutting edge strategy. Pick lily instead of mogra or chameli. Include lily the side of your bun. You can make a basic bun or the one with plaits or hair wander aimlessly.

  1. The Easy Gajra:

This one is likely the least complex gajra style ever. You should simply tie a flawless bun and put a line of gajra around it. On the off chance that you are coming up short on time, run with this. In any case, we recommend attempting a superior variant of this gajra.

  1. Open Gajra:

This will improve the look of your kasavu saree. You should simply make a bun and as opposed to adjusting the gajra around it, abandon it open. It will look something like this…

  1. Highlighted Gajra:

Attempt a blend of mogra and chameli for your gajra style. This is somewhat dubious. Be that as it may, in the event that you take as much time as necessary and put in a touch of effort, you’ll end up with this…

  1. The Two-Layered Gajra:

Half-tie your hair and stick a two-layered gajra  on the back of your hair. This is a simple one. Comes convenient when you are coming up short on time.

  1. The Under Layered Gajra:

Gajra hairdo continues getting fascinating. Rather than the common on top gajra style, attempt an under layer gajra style. It will look something like this…

  1. Bun Gajra With Space:

Envelop your bun by gajra and leave a touch of room that will streak your hair such that best of your hair can be seen however the base of the hair won’t.

SHappy Onam Everyone! Look flawless, remain perfect.