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One of the coolest glass weed pipes I’ve ever laid my eyes on was an awesome rendition of Jack Skellington’s face, from The Nightmare Before Christmas, as the bowl of the pipe. Beautiful white ceramic and great attention to detail in the eerie lines that make up his mouth. But these days with the crazy saturation occurring in nearly all cannabis related markets, it can be tough to find the exact pipe with the exact design you’d like, at a level of quality which you could rely on. Brothers With Glass is a small business with a big inventory when it comes to this kind of stuff. Some people on a few forums across the web have complained about a few isolated incidents of poor customer service and communication, but all in all their website does provide clients with quality glass at very reasonable prices. A quick browse through their selection of glass weed hand pipes will reveal a plethora of namesake cartoon characters to impress your friends with. You can smoke herb out of Brian the Dog from Family Guy, or out of BeeMo from Adventure Time.

Most notable out of what I saw on there is definitely their Cheshire Cat glow in the dark pipe, from Alice in Wonderland of course. Alice in Wonderland is held dearly in many stoner daydreamer’s hearts. So if you plan on getting your hands on this pipe to enjoy at your local pothead hangout on Sunday afternoon, you can be sure you’ll get at least a few positive comments on it. The glow in the dark is a pretty silly little novelty bonus, but reviews do say it actually glows a decent bit!

When looking for glass weed pipes inspired by facets of pop-culture, be wary of prices that seem too good to be true because they most likely are. Anything below 30$ for a high quality glass pipe that won’t shatter upon its first impact with the floor is just unrealistic unless there’s some flash sale happening or something. Cheap glass from China can come with a whole host of problems and its always better to just cough up a few more dollars for some higher quality, if possible.