As Will Smith heads online to promote his new movie Bright, he has collaborated with one of YouTube’s brightest stars. Smith appeared in a recent sketch led by Lilly Singh, the Indian-Canadian creator whose iiSuperwomanii channel has more than 12 million subscribers.

The video in question depicts Smith as one of Singh’s students in a class called ‘How To Speak Internet 101.’ During the six-minute clip, Singh educates her pupils on proper internet slang, instructs them to add random t’s to the ends of their words, and warns them never to antagonize the rabid fans of the Korean pop group BTS. Smith spends most of his screen time firing backtalk at his instructor and dropping references to his film, TV, and music credits.

For Singh, the video wraps up her annual 12 Collabs of Xmas series, in which she celebrates the holiday season by inviting friends, colleagues, and celebrities onto her channel. Previous guest stars to grace the 12 Collabs have included James Franco and Seth Rogen, who met up with Singh to promote The Interview back in 2014.

Smith, on the other hand, will have to apply all of Singh’s lessons in order to net some positive press for Bright, which arrived on Netflix last week. Though the sci-fi thriller has been savaged by critics, the SVOD service that paid $90 million to finance it isn’t giving up hope. Netflix recently announced its plan for a Bright sequel which will also star Smith. Looks like the Fresh Prince will need to check out Singh’s 200-level courses as he continues to promote his work.