Xperia Ear, Google Allo and BRAVIA 4K HDR

The weekend is so close we can almost taste it, but before you head off to enjoy yourselves, check out the latest news from the world of Sony and Android.

Starting off – a heads up on Xperia Ear. Xperia Ear is your very own personal assistant. Helping you manage your day, it can send and receive messages, check your schedule, search, navigate and much more without having to touch your phone. We showcased a short video profiling three product ambassadors using the device, so sit back, grab the popcorn, and take a look – and stay tuned for more news soon.


This week Google launched Allo, the long awaited companion app to Duo. Allo is a messaging app allowing you to keep in touch with people using WiFi or data, rather than SMS. “Another messaging app?!” you may be thinking to yourself, and why wouldn’t you be? Google already has Hangouts (and that’s not going anywhere anytime soon). Well the answer to that is yes… and no. Google Allo takes the messaging experience a little further by integrating it with your very own virtual assistant. Suggest a movie to a friend and Google Allo will take it one step further allowing you to view local cinema show times… your friend asks you how you are? Google Allo will automatically pre-write a reply and offer it up as an option. We have yet to see how intelligent Google’s AIlo will become, but for now it seems a step towards the future.



[Source:- Sonimobile]