Xiaomi Mi 5 transparent cover revealed by the company
Following LG’s example, Xiaomi has unveiled an accessory meant for the Mi 5 smartphone, well before the 24th Februaryannouncement of the flagship. There’s not much to be shown here, which is probably why the company decided to unveil it. Naturally, the case will also help build hype and speculation leading up to the launch of the device.

As for the accessory on offer here, well it’s pretty standard and nothing that we haven’t seen in the markets before. But since it’s supposed to be of the Mi 5, we can see some specific cutouts, dropping some design related hints. First and foremost, the camera cutout is on the left portion of the rear panel, very similar to the Apple iPhone camera placement.

Further, we can see a cutout for the USB port below (believed to be Type-C), which again doesn’t reveal anything we didn’t know already. So keeping these factors in mind, it seems like Xiaomi has merely succeeded in generating buzz leading up to next week’s announcement of the Mi 5.

LG did something similar by revealing a touch sensitive flip cover for the LG G5 before the device itself. Naturally, the company was mindful enough to not disclose too much, which is what Xiaomi is doing here as well.

[Source:- techradar]