Portable speakers are one of the most booming gadgets at the moment, with lots of new models coming every month and a huge demand from users. This market, specifically the Bluetooth speakers niche, is expected to be worth $7 billion by 2019, which is a clear indication over the value that can be produced by these gadgets.

However, today’s global market is huge and filled with competition, so the key to success lies on innovation and creativity. Just recently I covered auris zwing, a revolutionary Bluetooth speaker, and this article will refer to yet another amazing portable speaker, different from everything else available right now: let’s meetWristboom.

As one might realize just from the name, Wristboom has something to do with the wrist, so is it a speaker to be used on our wrists? The answer is a solid yes, but not only on the wrist: it can be used on the ankle, or put on any other surface or object where it can be tied to.

At the first glance, Wristboom looks exactly like a watch – a smartwatch, to be precise. And, while it can actually be used as an “headset”, Wristboom is quite different from a smartwatch. It is a Bluetooth speaker that can be used to stream music from your computer or smartphone, that you can put on the wrist and take wherever you go.

This speaker provides HD audio, with a 4 Ohm 2 Watt speaker, blasting from 60Hz to 20 KHz. It is very simple to use, due to the Bluetooth connectivity, and the responsive LED light that shows you Wristboom’s state. With the built-in microphone, Wristboom can be used for phone calls, like any other hands-free gadget, and its 400mAh battery provides a long running time and fast recharges.

With Wristboom, everyone can take their tunes everywhere without any of the hassles produced by headphones and, from the launch page, it can be obtained for an amazing price: less than $20. Be sure to go there and take a deeper look on this amazing gadget.