World of Warcraft: Legion’s First Mythic Raid Defeated in 18 Hours

Just 18 hours after release, Russian guild Экзорсус (Exorsus) defeated World of Warcraft: Legion‘s first mythic raid. The Emerald Nightmare’s Xavius is defeated.

World of Warcraft‘s raids have long stood as one of the greatest challenges within the game. Legion, the MMO’s latest expansion, is no different in this regard. Within Legion rests the Emerald Nightmare, a corruption of the ethereal plane of life, and those who defeat the threats within will be amply rewarded. September 27 saw the release of the Emerald Nightmare’s most challenging difficulty tier – Mythic. Who would have expected it to be conquered less than 18 hours later?

Russian guild Экзорсус, Exorsus, was the first in the world to defeat the entirety of the Emerald Nightmare on Mythic difficulty. That’s seven bosses/encounters of increasing difficulty in less than 24-hours after release, with only what gear that could be farmed from two weeks worth of Heroic Emerald Nightmare raiding and what they earned as they progressed in Mythic. Mythic progression is meant to take weeks, with the encounters growing easier as players grow geared. There will be no more difficult time to challenge the Emerald Nightmare than now, but Exorsus conquered it.

Exorsus will forever stand as the first guild to complete Mythic Emerald Nightmare, but they won’t stand alone. Within the next several hours a second guild, Europe’s Method, also defeated the final Emerald Dream boss, Xavius. And there are a dozen other guilds within striking distance of completing it within the next day. That’s not to say that Mythic Emerald Dream isn’t challenging, but rather a statement to just how competitive raiding in World of Warcraft can be. That’s perhaps what makes Exorsus’ achievement all the more impressive.


Obviously, if Blizzard had its way, the Mythic difficulty of its latest raid wouldn’t be able to be completed within 24-hours. After all, this is a raid that the developer wants its most dedicated players going into week after week excited at the challenge. It’s important to remember, however, that this is just the first of several Legion raids that will be released over the coming months and years. The Nighthold has been predicted to release in as soon as 6 months, and Blizzard has already teased the inevitability of the Tomb of Sargeras.

With Legion launching just less than a month ago and that launch reinventing and rebalancing all dozen of World of Warcraft‘s classes, the Emerald Dream will be Legion raiding at its most unbalanced. It’s impressive enough that only two guilds have managed full completion after two full days at this point. Just imagine how challenging future raids will be after Blizzard gets class balance tightened a bit.

Congratulations to Exorsus, congratulations to Method, and best of luck to all of the guilds who will gather their 20 players tonight and challenge the monsters within the Emerald Nightmare once more.



[Source:- Gamerant]