A cumulative update Microsoft rolled out last week to Windows 10 fixes one of the most annoying issues in the new desktop operating system. With the patch, Microsoft is finally giving Windows 10 Home edition users the ability to disable or delay automatic app updates through the Windows Store.

The new addition went largely unnoticed, because as you may remember, the company has stopped detailing the new changes in most of its Windows updates. Once installed, Windows 10 Home users will see an option in the upper-right corner of the Windows Store application to disable the automatic update.

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If you’re having trouble finding it, click on the personal icon, then choose Settings. Up at the top you would see an option for App Updates. You will now see an option to configure Update Apps Automatically either On or Off.

Microsoft was thrown under the bus for not giving Windows 10 Home users many options to disable or delay automatic updates. The company had originally noted that automatic updates are in the user’s best interest as they help the latest security security vulnerabilities.

While it may not seem like a major change, many would appreciate having full control over which app updates they want, and when they app want it. Do note that the new update only allows Windows 10 Home users to stop automatic app updates, and won’t help them with delaying or disabling Windows 10 updates. If you need assistance with the latter, here’s a guide to help you out.